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Welcome to Birders Inn

The man behind Birder Inn is Joved or friends call him Jovi...his story behind the evolution of Birders Inn.

We are all wanderers, and I was no exception from my early days. I looked forward to go to the mountains-himalayas, where I enjoyed the feeling of being with self, listening to the sound of nature and different stories ,lessons and secrets it shared with me. Than there came a thought of having a similar place close to the city where on weekends I can enjoy the same feeling. My search began in the hills of Panchgani in 2005 which ended in 2006. I discovered a place of my dream in the lap of nature where I could wake up with the euphony of the birds and sleep by watching the blanket of stars.

To convert this dream to reality, it took me ten years where every week end I travelled from Mumbai to Panchgani to chisel this rugged beautiful landscape where we could get all the comforts and luxury while enjoying nature in its elementary form.

I strongly believe to be happy and make others happy. Hence I always call my friends so we could make great fun filled memories which we could cherish someday. In one of my visit with my friends who I call with love DD (Devandra Deshmukh) and KD (Kishan Diwedi) that the sea of thoughts of Birders inn was conceptualised. A home in nature for seeker of peace, tranquility, comfort with family and friends in the wilderness of natureā€¦. Birders Inn evolved.

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About the Farm

It's not just a farm house, its an extraordinary place made with love. Experience peace, connect with nature, relax and enter into the world of birds.

About Birders Inn

One man's dream to convert a 5 acre piece of hill into a dream home for the birds.

A hidden abode, right in the lap of nature. Surrounded by serinity, peace and a whole lot of open sky. A home away from home, where you are welcome as a family. A soulful experience that will awaken your senses. Experience the freedom, the joy and the peace that you never experienced before. Wander around the lush green hill top with a private view, take a quiet afternoon nap, indulge in the most flavourful delicacies and gaze at the star filled sky in the night.